C Club Endorsements


If you are going to pick an endorsement group, for me personally, that would be the “C” Club…They actually look at who is good for business, who is reasonable, who is going to show up and do their job, who is ethical.  … They do a very good job of selecting candidates in my opinion…They don’t get paid to give an endorsement… I agree with their endorsements the most.”  Michael Berry, Michael Berry Show, May 24, 2016

All endorsed candidates received, at minimum, 75% support from our members

C Club endorses the following candidates:

City of Houston, Prop A (Pension Bonds) For
City of Houston, Prop B (Improvement Bonds) Against
City of Houston, Prop C (Improvement Bonds) Against
City of Houston, Prop D (Improvement Bonds) Against
City of Houston, Prop E (Improvement Bonds) Against
HCC Trustee, District V Robert Glaser
HISD Trustee, District I Gretchen Himsl
HISD Trustee, District V Sean Cheben
HISD Trustee, District VI Robert Lundin
HISD Trustee, District VII John Luman

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