“C” Club Endorsements

“C” Club of Houston 2020 Primary Election

If you are going to pick an endorsement group, for me personally, that would be the “C” Club…They actually look at who is good for business, who is reasonable, who is going to show up and do their job, who is ethical.  … They do a very good job of selecting candidates in my opinion…They don’t get paid to give an endorsement… I agree with their endorsements the most.”  Michael Berry, Michael Berry Show, May 24, 2016

All endorsed candidates received, at minimum, 75% support from our members. The “C” Club interviews all candidates it endorses and does not accept any money from candidates in its endorsement process.
“C” Club endorses the following candidates:

U.S. Senate   |    John Cornyn

Texas Railroad Commission   |    Ryan Sitton

CD 2   |    Dan Crenshaw

CD 7   |    Wesley Hunt

CD 8    |    Kevin Brady

CD 10    |    Michael McCaul

CD 22   |    Pierce Bush

CD 36   |    Brian Babin

Texas Supreme Court   |    Nathan Hecht, Brett Busby, Jane Bland, Jeff Boyd

Court of Criminals Appeals   |    Bert Richardson, David Newell, Kevin Yeary

SD 4    |    Brandon Creighton

SD 11    |    Larry Taylor

SD 18   |    Lois Kolkhorst

HD 26   |    Jacey Jetton

HD 28   |    Gary Gates

HD 126   |    Sam Harless

HD 127    |    Dan Huberty

HD 128    |    Briscoe Cain

HD 129   |    Dennis Paul

HD 130   |    Tom Oliverson

HD 132   |    Angelica Garcia

HD 133   |    Jim Murphy

HD 134    |    Sarah Davis

HD 135    |    Justin Ray

HD 138   |    Lacey Hull

HD 148   |    Luis LaRotta

HD 150   |    Valoree Swanson

SBOE   |    Will Hickman

Sheriff    |    Joe Danna

District Attorney    |    Mary Nan Huffman

Tax Assessor Collector   |    Chris Daniel

County Commissioner #3   |    Tom Ramsey

1st COA    |    Russell Lloyd, Terry Adams

14th COA   |    Ken Wise, Tracy Christopher

Chair, Harris County GOP   |    Paul Simpson